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Development of the conceptual and methodological framework for data einfrastructure in the field of research, development and innovation in the Republic of Moldova


Acronym: E-IDSM
Period: 2018-2019
Director of the project: dr. Andrei Rusu
Keywords: data infrastructure, e-Infrastructure, scientific data, data models
Description of the project:  

The project "Elaboration of conceptual and methodological framework for e-data infrastructure in the field of RDI in the Republic of Moldova" aims to create a new conceptual infrastructure model, based on theoretical research and best practices from European and international experience, (e-Infrastructure) of scientific data that, on the one hand, ensure the interoperability of data, streamline and efficiency data exchanges through better organization and communication of scientific information and, on the other hand, create conditions for coordination on a scale (Interinstitutional, interdisciplinary and national) efforts on the preservation, management and use of research data, the efficiency of the research act and the creation of new databased research opportunities in a general context of implementation within the scientific community of the Republic of Moldova a concept of Open Science.

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