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The Ist DISCUS event successfully accomplished

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During March 17-18, in Chisinau was held the Ist event of the DISCUS project - Discussion on Information Society Building Issues Platform. The workshop was focused on ICT-driven local development. Totally were received more than 35 application forms from local public servants. The event was attended by more then 55 participants, representatives of different sectors: academic sector, governmental sector, Visegrad countries' diplomatic corps, civil society, mass-media. 

The main goal of the event was to share the Visegrad countries experience in information society field with focus on local e-services as well as awareness on importance of the local e-services by the Moldovan public servants and other relevant stakeholders.  

At the beginning of the event dr. Igor Cojocaru - director of the Information Society Development Institute had a welcome speech, followed by the representative of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova - dr.hab. Veaceslav Ursachi, the head of the Department of Information Technology Policies, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology - Pavel Şincariuc, the representative of the Slovak Embassy in Chisinau - Peter Tomasek

The key-speakers of the event were 3 experts from Visegrad countries: dr. Krysztof Atlasiewicz from Poland; Ing. Vladimir Benko - Slovakia; RNDr. Datel Vratislav from Czech Republic. The experts talked about the experience of those 3 Visegrad countries in local e-services field exemplifying both best practices and lessons learned, finally formulating a range of useful tips and recommendations.

The representative of the Center for Electronic Governance of Moldova - Cornelia Amihalachioae talked about the Governance e-Transformation, the results and priorities of this process in Moldova. Olesea Cazacu, UNDP Moldova presented data and results of the Study on access and usage prospects of local public services on-line, Joint Integrated Local Development Programme. Veronica Crețu- president of the Open Government Institute from Moldova and member of the steering committee of the Open Government Partnership had a presentation about Local Open Government based on ICT tools. 

Within the first session of the workshop were presented the study case of the Ialoveni Rayon/district about Electronic Document Management System Implementation, by Igor Plamadeala. Then were organised a practical workshop on e-local, the participants - representatives of local government having the task to determine which are most relevant local e-services and to identify the first 7 steps to implement them. After working in groups, participants presented the results and their ideas about local e-services (there were identified cadastral e-services, archive services, educational and health services etc.). 

On the second day of the event were organised presentations and discussions on youth motivation, digital content and IT Performance Centers in Moldova, based on the common initiative of the Information Society Development InstituteandStarNet company. 

DISCUS workshop participants showed interest to the subject of local electronic services and aware of the importance of technology in all areas of public life. 

DISCUS project team of the Institute for Information Society Development thank International Visegrad Fund that made possible to organise this event and thank to all speakers, moderators and participants at the first DISCUS event!

Presentations and phpt gallery of the event are available here!

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