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Europe 2020: a strategy for European Union growth

The Commission proposes a new political strategy, ‘Europe 2020’, to support employment, productivity and social cohesion in Europe. The European Union currently faces a moment of transformation, resulting mainly from globalisation, climate change and demographic ageing. In addition, the 2008 financial crisis has challenged the social and economic progress made by EU countries. The economic recovery which started in 2010 must be accompanied by a series of reforms in order to guarantee the sustainable development of the EU in the coming decade.


Digital Agenda for Europe

The Digital Agenda presented by the European Commission forms one of the seven pillars of the Europe 2020 Strategy which sets objectives for the growth of the European Union (EU) by 2020. The Digital Agenda proposes to better exploit the potential of Information and Communication Technologies in order to foster innovation, economic growth and progress.


National Indicative Programme – Republic of Moldova 2011 - 2013

European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument


European Neighborhood Policy – > Republic of Moldova


Delegation of the European Union to Moldova


List of projects financed by the European Union






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