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Fake news and hate speech – questionnaire for civil servants at the local and regional level

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In autumn 2022, a group of European universities carried out a research on fake news and hate speech, a project supported by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. The study included a questionnaire administered to Congress delegates, and the final result was a study entitled "COUNTERFAKE - A Scientific Basis for a Policy Fighting Fake News and Hate Speech."

The initial research was expanded in 2023 to include as many European countries as possible, Republic of Moldova being among them. The aim of this new questionnaire is to collect data on fake news and hate speech from a much larger audience, representing local and regional politicians and civil servants in the participating countries (e.g. Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Republic of Moldova, etc.).

In this context, Information Society Development Institute, as a research organization from the Republic of Moldova, respectfully invites civil servants at the local and regional level from the Republic of Moldova you to fill in the questionnaire.

The questionnaire in Romanian, adapted for the Republic of Moldova, is available at


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