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The concept of smart specialization discussed in Chisinau

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In the framework of the Danube-INCO.NET project the S3 Platform together with the Academy of Sciences of Moldova successfully organised on February 18-19.2016 in Chisinau the first workshop on smart specialisation (S3) strategy design targeted to the EU enlargement and neighbouring countries. The objective of the WS was to enable countries outside the EU to benefit from S3 methodology focusing knowledge-based investments on a limited number of priority areas identified following an entrepreneurial discovery process.

Smart Specialisation is a strategic approach to economic development through targeted support to research and innovation. It is based on 4 pillars:

1) Competitive advantage: match R&I with business and develop links; adoption of (generic/new) technologies for diversification/modernisation of sectors + explore emerging areas;

2) Policy Choices (tough ones): select few priorities on basis of specialisation & integration in international value chains;

3) Critical mass of resources & talent: cooperation between regions by avoiding duplication and fragmentation;

4) Collaborative Leadership: involve stakeholders from academia, businesses, public administrations and civil society ("quadruple helix") & synergies between funding instruments.

The workshop in Chisinau was attended by nearly 80 participants from Moldova and other non-EU countries such Ukraine, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegowina and representatives of EU countries such Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia or Finland who shared their experiences towards S3. During the two days of the workshop the experts from the countries which have already developed their S3 strategies shared their experience on different steps of the S3 process, while experts from non-EU countries have presented the current situation in national research and innovation, in total the 21 reports. The IDSI’ researcher, Gheorghe Cuciureanu has presented the communication “Strengths and bottlenecks of Moldova's R&I framework”.

Here are some conclusions following discussions at the workshop:

- As the experts from the countries which have already developed their S3 strategies all agreed on - the S3 preparation is a "bumpy road", however benefits of the process are valuable for a country or the region.

- Each country or a region is unique thus learning from experiencies of others is higly welcome, however the methodology has to be adapted to the needs of stakeholders concerned.

- It is of utmost relevance first to identify all relevant stakeholders in a country or a region and second invite and motivate them to participate in smart specialisation process.

More information about the event and all presentations are available on Smart Specialisation Platform (S3) or project site. The event can be watched on IDSI.TV, which transmitted live workshop.


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