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ECIS 2014 - 22th European Conference on Information Systems


We have entered an era where physical reality is increasingly entangled with digital representations. Even though we sit in a face-to-face meeting or classroom, we are checking our mobiles for texts, emails and Facebook posts, thus remaining in constant contact with distant others. Big data analytics is both helping us gain insight into our increasingly complex reality, but it is also constructing our world and our lives. And RFID and mobile technologies are creating “the Internet of things,” where inanimate objects now communicate with each another.

At ECIS 2014 we want to make the exploration of the opportunities and challenges associated with increasing digitally in both our work and everyday lives a key theme. Not only will ECIS 2014 feature conference tracks that focus on digital innovation and design, mobility and location-based business models, and big data analytics, but it will also introduce new forms of conferencing and interacting. ECIS 2014 will not only leverage digital technology for participants to meet and interact in new ways, but it will also offer a variety of presentation modalities including paper presentations, interactive posters and demos, and developmental roundtable discussions. Additionally, ECIS 2014 will include an industry track where experts in such fields as cyber security, mobile technology and digital design will share their insights.

For more information on ECIS 2014, its program, call for papers and related activities, please visit the official website of the conference at

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